Linden Society for Historic Preservation

The City of Linden will celebrate its 150th year anniversary of incorporation in 2011. An exciting year-long celebration is in the works for 2011, including events, exhibits, and much more.

The newly formed Linden Society for Historic Preservation, in conjunction with the Linden Cultural and Heritage proved a resolution establishing the Linden Society for Historic Preservation, and along with a volunteer committee, will be responsible for planning the City’s anniversary events.

In recognition of the City’s 150th Anniversary, the Committee would like to encourage Linden residents to share their personal stories, memories and historic photos about the city of Linden, New Jersey.

“The Linden Society for Historic Preservation’s Mission is to educate, celebrate and commemorate that which is of historical value and significance, and to strive to preserve it. The Committee will plan a year that will honor the City’s past, most recently and significantly the city’s 150th anniversary, and prepare it for the future by celebrating its unique and storied past, and extraordinary future potential,” states Society president and Celebration co-chairperson Lauren Pancurak Yeats.

The Society’s goals will be to honor the City’s past and leave a legacy for future generations and celebrate and commemorate the history and culture of Linden, New Jersey.

Councilman Richard Koziol and Society liaison adds, “We will nurture and create opportunities for a variety of educational, civic, faith-based, and business organizations to participate and celebrate the Celebration. We’ll also develop programs and activities that will educate residents about Linden’s history, and support events that will provide educational outreach to residents and those outside of the community.

According to the Society’s charter, initial trustees will be chosen by the Mayor and by City Council, but all citizens who love history and enjoy learning unique facts about their hometown are welcomed to join. The Society will meet periodically to discuss plans to promote the city’s anniversary. Meeting dates will soon be established and posted on TV-36 and online, and everyone who is interested in preserving and celebrating Linden’s proud history is welcomed to become involved. Please watch for details on upcoming events and displays around Linden.

For more information, please contact Councilman Richard Koziol at, or on Facebook at ‘Linden Society for
Historic Preservation.’ Or call 908.217.7419.


The first meeting of the Linden Society for Historic Preservation Trustees. (Standing L-R) Councilman Richard Koziol, Dennis Purvis, Paul Werkmeister, Christine Hudak, Molly Lenz, Lauren Yeates Pancurak, Mayor Richard Gerbounka, Steve Zielinski. (Seated) Maryanne Dorin and Doris Henel. Trustees not present for photo are Harvey Thorn and Nora Mislan.

The founding Society President is Linden author and distinguished historian Lauren Pancurak Yeats, author of Arcadia Publishing’s “Images of America’ and “Making of America” series on Linden, NJ.


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