Narcotics Bureau

Phone:   (908) 474-8515

The Linden Police Department Narcotics Unit is made up of three detectives, headed by a Lieutenant. These dedicated individuals are tasked with the investigation of Narcotics violations as well as Vice (prostitution and gambling) offenses and any other investigations, which may be assigned.

All members of the Narcotics Unit have completed various seminars, courses and schools relating to the enforcement of the New Jersey Drug Statues, Drug Identification, Advanced Narcotics Investigations and the Laws of Arrest, Search and Seizure. Continued in-service training for the members of the Unit is essential to ensure that they remain cognizant of the ever-changing drug subculture and enhance their expertise in the field of narcotics. The Narcotics Unit assists the Juvenile Bureau and the Community Oriented Policing Unit in an intelligence and advisory capacity in their school education..

The Narcotics Unit works closely with the Union County Prosecutorís Office Narcotic Strike Force (NSF). They exchange officers in an undercover capacity, supply each other with intelligence information and assist each other with investigations, search warrant executions and arrest. The Linden Police Departmentís Narcotics Unit works hand in hand with NSF making arrests, not only in Linden, but other municipalities. In addition, the Narcotics Unit has also worked closely with various other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Please use the above number to contact a Narcotics Detective or to leave a message. You are not required to give your name or location for your information to be investigated.


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