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To all Linden Citizens and the Linden Business Community:

In the Linden Police Department, we pride ourselves on providing our residents and businesses with strong and effective public safety services. Clearly, the value of feeling safe and secure in one's home, business, neighborhood and community cannot be overestimated.

During my tenure as Police Chief, we continue to undertake initiatives to combat crime and maintain public safety services:

Crime prevention surveys and Neighborhood Watch are available to residents and are coordinated through the Juvenile Bureau..

We have created a Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) comprised of community volunteers who provide critical support to domestic violence victims. The Linden Police Department has been at the forefront of this initiative, and has been enlisted by the Union County Prosecutorís Office to assist other Departments in Union County in organizing their own teams.  Continued,

 Mission and Purpose

There is hereby established a Police Department in the City of Linden, County of Union and State of New Jersey, pursuant to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 40A:14-118, et seq. The ordinance is intended to ratify the existence and operation of the police department which has historically operated within and served the City of Linden and at the same time satisfy the statutory requirements of the legislation amended in 1981 and 1988 respectively.

The mission and purpose of said police department is generally three fold; to preserve life and property; to provide a general police service for the residents of the City of Linden, Union County, State of New Jersey; to enforce federal, state, county and municipal laws, statutes and ordinances; and as hereinafter may be more expressly defined. The Linden Police Department is committed to the pursuit of an ethos reflecting the highest degree of ethical, moral, and fairly applied law enforcement.

 Code of Ethics

Law enforcement is an honorable calling. Service in this field demands a professional, rather than an occupational philosophy. Personal honor, a desire for professional status, and devotion to service above self are the motives which impel members and employees to discharge their responsibility in full measure.

Members and employees lives are one of self-sacrificing service to a high ideal, based upon their recognition of the responsibilities entrusted to them, and the belief that law enforcement is an honorable vocation. They fully accept their responsibilities to defend the right, to protect the weak, to aid the distressed, and to uphold the law in public and private living. They accept the obligation to report facts and to testify without bias or display of emotion, and to consider all information coming to their knowledge by virtue of their position a sacred trust to be used for official purposes only. Members and employees give their loyal and faithful attention to the identification and apprehension of criminals, being equally alert to protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty. They perform the functions of their office without fear, favor, or prejudice and do not engage in unlawful or improper practices.

They do not disclose to unauthorized persons any information concerning pending matters which might be prejudicial to the interests of the State, the City or the Department.

They do not seek to benefit personally by any confidential information which has come to them by virtue of their assignment. They are respectful and courteous to all citizens. They are faithful and loyal to their organization, constantly striving to cooperate and promote better relations with all regularly constituted law enforcement agencies and their representatives in matters of mutual interest and obligation.

Rigid adherence to the principles set out above is mandatory for anyone accepting a position in the police department. Acceptance of these principles should not be perfunctory; they should be weighed carefully. Citizens are quick to criticize any misconduct of members or employees of the department; the community places a trust in the police department and expects all members and employees to conduct themselves as to merit this trust. Members and employees should be proud to hold a position that demands so much.

There must be a moral philosophy and strong appreciation of the need for service in any profession. Unwavering adherence to such a moral philosophy will earn the respect and support of the public.

All members and employees shall abide by the Code of Ethics as adopted by this agency as written above.

The Linden Police Department PBA #42 and the Linden Superior Officerís Association is conducting a FOOD DRIVE.
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