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Goethals Bridge Interchange Ramps - "Missing Links"

The Port Authority Board authorized $130 million for project planning, right-of-way, design and construction of "Goethals Bridge Interchange Ramps Project" (U.S. Route 1&9 and Interstate 278 Interchange Ramps - "The Missing Links") which would complete the existing partial interchange between US Route 1&9 and I-278 in the vicinity of New Jersey Turnpike Exit 13 and the Goethals Bridge, by taking trucks off the local roads. Currently, connections exist between the portion of I-278 east of the interchange and the portion of US Route 1&9 south of the interchange (that is from westbound I-278 to southbound US Route 1&9 and from northbound US Route 1&9 to eastbound I-278). This project seeks to provide direct connections from southbound US Route 1&9 to eastbound I-278, and from westbound I-278 to northbound US Route 1&9.

The project will be managed in two-phases:

  1. Planning and preliminary design managed by the Port Authority in coordination with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT); and …
  2. Final design and construction managed by NJDOT in coordination with the Port Authority. The Missing Links are under the jurisdiction of NJDOT and will remain so throughout the project and after construction completion.

While it is too early in the project development process to make a determination, any delays and closures that may be required during project construction will be identified during the later project design phase. A Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT) Plan, as well as other strategies to minimize the effects of any construction-related delays and/or closures, will be developed during project design.

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The Hawk Rise Project

Goals and Objectives

The City of Linden initiated the Hawk Rise project to restore and maintain the site with the purpose of using this existing natural resource to provide for research, environmental education, and public access at the site. The primary area of focus is approximately 36.8 forested acres adjacent to the Linden Landfill, known as the Hawk Rise Sanctuary. The New Jersey Audubon (NJA) has partnered with the City of Linden to provide educational programming, stewardship guidance, and wildlife monitoring at the site.

NJA performed an analysis and their goal was to collect and evaluate information on wildlife populations at the Linden Hawk Rise site, as well as the adjacent Linden Landfill and Rahway River marshes, to assess the effects of habitat and other stewardship activities at the site, use this information to guide future management and aid in designing educational programming at the site. NJA initiated baseline monitoring in 2010, and collected information on birds, amphibians, and plant species present during the first year. During 2011, 2012 and 2013, NJA continued standardized surveys of bird populations in order to expand seasonal coverage, increase the number of species detected, examine inter-annual variability, and provide a baseline that can be used to assess the effects of ongoing stewardship activities on wildlife populations.

View the report which summarizes the results of the survey conducted between December, 2012 and November, 2013 here.

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