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Building, Electric & Plumbing Inspections: Mon.-Fri.
Fire Inspections: Tues. & Thurs.

The Linden Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of the building codes as set forth in the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code.

All work that requires a permit shall comply with the Uniform Construction Code, State of New Jersey.

When undertaking work on your home, homeowners should be aware that home improvement contractors must be register with the Division of Consumer Affairs. Homeowners who enter into contracts should be aware and look for the registration numbers on all documents, advertisements and vehicles of contractors. Homeowners may check the New Jersey Consumer Affairs website for frequently asked questions and contractor information.

Prior to performing any work on your home or business, a permit application packet can be obtained at the Construction Office:

City Hall, Room 204
301 North Wood Avenue
Linden, NJ 07036

Paperwork may vary according to the type of work being performed. Applications must be filled out completely. All prior approvals from the Zoning Official must be obtained when applicable prior to submitting applications. The Zoning Official works out of the Construction Code Department.

Permits are required for most home improvement projects whether inside or outside the home. Permits cannot be processed without payment in Linden.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q. Do I need a permit for this?
    A. Please call the office
  • Q. Is my permit ready?
    A. As per state law, 20 business days.
  • Q. What are the fees?
  • Q. Do I get a C/O from your office?
    A. Housing - for Residential; Construction Code - for Commercial

Construction Official Tel: 908.474.8462

Zoning Official/Plumbing Sub Code Tel: 908.474.8463

Building Sub Code Official Tel: 908.474.8460

Clerical Staff Tel: 908.474.8459

Technical Assistant Tel: 908.474.8458

Fire Sub Code Official Tel: 908.474.8459

Zoning Enforcement / Housing Inspector Tel: 908.474.8463

Location City Hall - Room 204, 3rd Floor
301 North Wood Avenue
Linden, New Jersey 07036

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